Iced Coffee with Thermomix

Would you like to prepare a homemade Iced Coffee? It is so cool in summer! Here you are some recipes to choose according to your personal taste.

Coffee is clearly the base for this recipe. Coffee is the great habit to end every meal. In Italy during summer we usually substitute it with something fresher to face the hot days. Coffee, also instant coffee, is then accompanied by sugar, whipping cream, milk and more, according to every recipe. Of course the recipe with whipping cream will be creamier and more caloric, the other ones lighter and less soft: the choice is yours!

Last summer I asked myself a million times how you could do that delicious coffee cream my husband (and not only him) loves drinking so much on the beach. Then I've found out many followers of the Italian version of this website were asking themselves the same thing! :-) So we talked a lot on Facebook about what the "secret recipe" was. Finally we discovered the recipes I'm proposing you.

Finally I can try them too! If you have other recipes to add, send them to me!

Once again, thanks to my Thermomix I will be able to shock my friends and relatives, bringing to the table a recipe that has entirely prepared by me!!! :-)

I'm having another idea...What if I tried replacing coffee with another flavour to give this iced deli to my daughters too??? I could use some blended strawberries or syrups! Let me know if you have any idea.

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Recipe 1
This is Lara Andrea Franceschelli-Roveroni's recipe. She is a follower on Facebook.


- 100 g Sugar
- 10 g Instant Coffee (Nescafè)
- 500 g Fresh Whipping Cream

How to prepare the Iced Coffee

Put sugar and nescafè in the bowl and pulverise. 20 Sec. Speed 8.

Insert the butterfly tool and add whipping cream. 2 Min. Speed 3/4.

Pour the cream you obtain in single cups and serve.

Recipe 2
This one here is Damiano Liotta's and Agata Gabriella Ursino Manola's recipe.


- 150 g Caster Sugar
- 500 g Full-Fat Milk
- 2 Eggs
- 100 g Espresso
- 60 g All purpose Flour
- 30 g Butter, soft
- 1 Pinch Salt

How to prepare the Iced Coffee

Put all the ingredients in the bowl and cook. 8 Min. 80°C Speed 4.

Pour it in a bowl and allow to cool before serving.

Recipe 3
This is Mariagrazia Primiceri's recipe, a follower of the Italian Facebook page.


- 100 g Sugar
- 10 g Instant Coffee (Nescafè)
- 350 g Fresh Whipping Cream
- 150 g Frozen Milk

How to prepare the Iced Coffee

Put sugar and nescafè in the bowl. 20 Sec. Speed 8.

Add frozen milk and grind. A few Sec. Speed 7.

Insert the butterfly and add whipping cream. 3 Min. Speed 3.

Pour into individual cups and serve.

Iced Creamy Coffee without Thermomix

Luisa Ferace's advice

"It is a great ice cream too if you pour it on a cup covered with sponge fingers dipped in cappuccino. Freeze it and then remove it from the cup. It is a divine "zuccotto"! Add some chocolate drops and dust with unsweetened cocoa powder.....delicious!"

Translated from the Italian recipe
Crema al Caffè: Caffè del Nonno col Bimby

Photocredit: avlxyz