Thermomix Naan Bread Recipe

Thermomix Naan Bread Recipe

Naan Bread is a leavened oven-baked flat bread and it is very versatile! It is especially prepared in West, Central and South Asia but, it is now loved by many more food lovers around the world!

It's a quick bread, to be baked or in a pan, perfect as a table bread but also to be stuffed :-)

Well, in India it is cooked in the typical clay oven, the tandoor. Waiting to build one, our oven is fine too ;-)

It resembles pita bread, and it is usually leavened with yeast; in some regions it can be prepared without yeast and it is more similar to the dough used for roti bread.

A typical naan recipe includes flour, yeast and yogurt to make an elastic dough. Then it is kneaded for a few minutes and baked after a few hours of leavening. Once cooked it is typically flavoured with fragrant essences such as rose or vetiver and then served with butter or ghee melted on it. Actually in Britain Indian restaurants usually sell it flavoured with garlic and fresh coriander.

However as I've already said it is a very versatile bread, you can flavour and season it with lots of different spices. As to its use, it can accompany vegetables, cheese and also meat. And what about dipping it in soups? Mmmh so tempting!

Traditionally this bread is used to accompany stews with meat, fish or legumes, generally very "juicy". Or it is stuffed with cheese before cooking it ... delicious !!!

There are many recipes I suggest you try along with this special bread. First of all the dips: Hummus, Tuna Mousse, Philadelphia Cheese, Tuna, Heavy Cream and Anchovies Sauce, Tuna Dip, Chilli Peppers Hot Sauce and all the delicious Sundried Tomato Dip included in the Warm Chicken Salad with Pumpkin and Couscous.

Then I'd eat Naan bread with one of these soups:
- Asparagus Norwegian Soup
- Quick Pea and Corn Soup
- Lentil Soup
- Thermomix Potato and Leek Soup


- 220 g whole milk
- 150 g of Greek yogurt
- A tsp honey
- 10 g fresh brewer's yeast
- 10 g seed oil
- 600 g plain flour
- 10 g fine salt

Let's cook

Put 220 g whole milk, 150 g Greek yoghurt and a tsp honey in the mixing bowl and mix. 3 Sec. Speed 4.

Crumble 10 g of fresh brewer's yeast into the mixing bowl and mix 1 Min. 37C Speed 1.

Add 10 g seed oil, 600 g plain flour, 10 g fine salt and knead 3 Min. Dough Mode.

Make a ball with the dough and let it rise in a bowl, covered with plastic wrap, for 1 hour.

Make 8 balls of about 100 g each from the dough. Leave to rise for 1 hour covered with a cloth.

On the work surface, crush each ball with your hands in an 8 mm high disc (5 mm if you prefer thin bread) and roll out with a rolling pin.

Let it dry fry and puff up on a pan 3-4 minutes per side or until cooked through.


Instead of on the pan you can bake in hot oven 6-7 Min. at 200C, until the surface is golden brown.

You can add 1 tbsp of cumin seeds or nigella seeds.

Translated from the Italian recipe
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