Coconut Milk in the Thermomix

Coconut Milk in the Thermomix

This Coconut Milk recipe to make with Thermomix is the perfect recipe for those who can't take cow or soy milk and who do not like rice milk.

I think is a kind of revolution!! I had never prepared Coconut Milk before and I found it delicious! Moreover it just takes 10 minutes to prepare it with my beloved Thermomix! I love this machine!

Coconut Milk is very much used in Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore but also Polynesia and the Philippines. It is the base of many dishes like curry and it is frequently added to meats and vegetables.
Coconut milk must not be confused with coconut water, which is the liquid naturally contained inside a coconut nut. This is the extract of freshly grated coconut flesh or meat if you prefer.

This drink is often associated with health benefits in the Ayuverda tradition. It has hyperlipidemic balancing qualities, antimicrobial properties in the gastrointestinal tract and it contains lauric acid which has positive effects on the cardiovascular system, as I read on Wikipedia.

It is often sold in cans, sweetened and it is served as a fresh drink during spring and summer.
Now you can prepare your own Coconut Milk without any kind of preservatives or sugars!!

I've found this recipe on the Forum Community where it was posted by squirrel (Sorry, I do not know your real name! Please contact me and I'll credit you). It is similar to the Everyday Cookbook recipe.

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for approx 500 g of coconut milk

- 300 g desiccated coconut
- 900 g water

Let's cook

Put coconut and water into the mixing bowl and cook 10 Min. 100C Speed 4.

Pulverise for 30 Sec. Speed 8.

Strain through stainless steel mesh strainer and press out all the liquid.

Translated from the Italian recipe
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