Christmas Gifts To Make With Thermomix

Yes, it is almost here, the countdown is going to start in a few's time to think about what to give as gifts for Christmas.

Not so much time ago this thought made me crazy: I always left things to the very last minute, I did not know what to give, and I eventually bought very useless things. Ok, the most important thing is the thought you had.....but isn't it better if this present is sweet and tasty? :-)

According to recent surveys the most appreciated christmas gift is something from the eno-gastronomic (food and wine) sector. But if you don't like giving the traditional basket full of typical products (in Italy we usually give as gift a basket containing high quality oil, wine, regional pastas or biscuits or cold cuts, preserves, etc.) you can realise something by yourself.

So for this Christmas I thought to prepare some delicious home-made small gifts to make with my Thermomix. I already made some jams this summer for the winter therefore by now I have some things ready: I can give my very sweet cherry or strawberry jams even if they are not fruit in season anymore :-)

Last year I gave a basket full of Thermomix home-made products to my relatives. It worked very well as they all appreciated it so much :-)

This year I'd like to do the same things for my colleagues and closer friends too. And I'd also like to organise a small party at home so that my little girls can personally give them their gifts! :-)

Here I've posted some recipes I already published on my website. I've put cakes and biscuits as the majority of them but the Stock Cube is a very useful recipe, and the vegetables preserves too, etc. If you have got some recipes to suggest, you can send them to me and I'll publish them!

1. Hot Chocolate Mixture

2.Vegetable Stock Cube

3. Baci Perugina Chocolates

4. Vanillekipferl Biscuits

5. Honey Biscuits

6. Canestrelli Traditional Italian Biscuits

7. Lingue di Gatto Traditional Italian Biscuits

8. Jam Biscuits

9. Corn Flakes Cookies

10. Strawberry Jam

11. Plum Jam

12. Fig Jam

13. Cherry Jam

14. Rame di Napoli Traditional Italian Biscuits

15. Soft Chocolate Turron

16. Chilli Pepper Hot Sauce

17. Pickled Aubergines

18. Chocolate Liqueur

19. Coffee Liqueur

20. Limoncello Cream

21. Chocolate Salami

22. Pandoro Chocolate Salami

My advice

I've used some glass jars for the jams and preserves, I've covered them with a pretty cloth and closed with a ribbon. Then I've put a tag on each jar with some Christmas drawings. Then I've placed all the jars inside a basket full of straw. :-)

Translated from the Italian recipe
Idee Regalo Bimby - Natale 2010